Meditation and the Science of Stillness
Meditation and Stillness

Have you ever been really stressed out or felt your life spinning out of control? Are you ever in a bad mood for no good reason or can you not seem to find the energy to do the things you normally enjoy doing? Do you think you could be more present in your life or […]

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Failing Through a Nootropics Company
Mind HD

I’ve finally made the plunge, I’ve started my first online business! This is a business I’ve been wanting to have a go at for a very long time. *This is a repost of something I wrote for an old blog Grasping Triumph. More on that here if you’re curious. Ever since I called up a […]

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Marathon Running and Personal Growth
Marathon Running HD

We all have them. Those bucket list style goals we never expect to accomplish but that we nonetheless dream about accomplishing. I want this post to serve as both a how to and an inspiration for those who still think they’ll never be able to accomplish those goals. *This is a repost of something I […]

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