Most of us see life in a certain way.

We see it as being sort of fixed, permanent.

It feels like nothing else has ever existed except us. In spite of the evidence otherwise.

It feels like there are no other universes or lifeforms.

There are billions of other planets. There has to be more life. There’s no way our universe was born into nothing. It must be inside of another one, and other ones must be inside of it.

Say through black holes as the intermediary.

But we don’t feel these things because our normal thought processes are very grounded.

We sense things and then hypothesize about what they mean.

We see other stars and planets. But they’re so distant and unreachable we just glaze over the potential for extraterrestrial life.

We see suffering and harm going on to animals, and to nature and we sort of glaze over that to.

We adopt the heuristic “If it isn’t tangible and in front of me, it must not be real”.

We accept the fundamental nature of atoms and microscopic organisms because it’s easy.

If bacteria is real it explains a lot of things but our importance in the universe isn’t affected.

But if we really are just a larger sort of bacteria, with the Earth instead of an organism as our host, then things become more complicated.

Humanity vs Bacteria
From this perspective, we both just look like tiny organisms flitting around aimlessly on a larger host.

Suddenly our lives become immensely unimportant, given the scale of existence.

Suddenly our contributions, the mistakes we wring our hands over, and the achievements we’re so proud of become meaningless because they affect so little, so impermanently.

But in our normal thought processes we ignore this stuff because it’s hard to truly understand these realities and theres more pressing day to day activities like work, school, family and survival to contend with.

This is where psychedelics come in.

Psychedelics are any compound or substance which produces hallucinations or expands consciousness.

Psychedelics alter our thought processes significantly, such that things we never understood before like the nature of existence suddenly make sense, and in the wake of these substantial realizations we find we can’t live our lives as passively or meaninglessly as before.

It’s ironic that discovering ones total lack of meaning is what can give a life meaning.

Because when you realize theres no cosmic deity watching and judging it suddenly becomes YOUR responsibility to live a good life for the sake of your own joy and freedom.

When you discover your impact doesn’t really matter either way, making an impact suddenly loses any relation to status.

You realize in the future even if you save humanity no one will know or care.

Suddenly the onus of making the world a better place is on you and the only reason to do it is because you want to.

Through psychedelics you can gain control of your life because they help you realize everything is impermanent and insignificant and the reward for leading a good life is the joy of leading a good life.

The joy of helping your world become a better place.

The freedom of knowing you do it because YOU want to, not because someone else will reward you later on if you do.

Thats what psychedelics can do for you.

Or they can make you see complex patterns and enjoy music and sex more. Depends on what you want from them.

The issue is that most people like the idea of introspection and enjoyable, somewhat crazy experiences but they’re afraid of the risks they believe psychedelics inherently have.

I’d like to quell that misunderstanding right now.

Think of the risk of psychedelic use in terms of going skiing or playing a sport.

The risk of a minor injury or even a permanent, life altering injury is always there.

It’s an unavoidable risk of doing almost anything.

Crazy terrible stuff can happen without a moments notice.

But you likely play sports anyways because the risk is so small, doing the activity is so fun and by not being an idiot you can mitigate the risk of injury or harm almost entirely.

Thats what it’s like with psychedelics.

If you prepare smart, understand the risks, and dose cautiously the risks are minimal and the rewards can be positive and life changing.


“We know what we are, but know not what we may become” – Hamlet


Historically psychedelics have been used by two groups of people.

First by indigenous shamans for physical healing or to amplify and intensify the processes of internal self analysis and self understanding or as part of a tribe or village ritual to promote community bonding or celebratory worship.

Second by Western psychotherapists pursuing the study of psychedelic therapy.

The early history of psychedelics involves naturally occurring substances like plants, mushrooms or cacti.

As far back as 10,000 years ago science has proven the use of them by indigenous populations.

They were mostly used by local healers to try and fix mental disorders and as part of complex spiritual rituals involving groups of people tripping together.

It wasn’t until the 20th century that scientists developed an interest in psychedelics and began studying them.

It was around this point that Albert Hoffman first created LSD in an attempt to duplicate naturally occurring psychedelics.

LSD became a go to psychiatric treatment for a variety of conditions including alcoholism, schizophrenia (as LSDs effects are thought to mirror schizophrenia) and other personality disorders.

Soon it became both the catalyst, and a symbol for the youth movement of the 60’s.

The federal government took notice and made it an illegal substance in 1967.

As other “party” drugs like ecstacy (MDMA) have become popular.

LSD has seen a resurgence in the scientific world and the ban on it has been lifted.

But only for controlled amounts and only to proven scientific institutions.

Psychedelics for millennia have helped people grow closer to nature, mankind and themselves.

As science and governments realize the potential benefits access to these compounds could have for society they’ve begun to further study them to ensure their long term safety.


“Better living through chemistry. “


Psychedelics are powerful, potentially dangerous compounds.

They can and should be used safely and if the proper precautions are taken the risk of long term damage or negative experiences can be minimized if not completely nullified.

Psychedelics Aren't That Bad

There are two aspects to using psychedelics which need to be discussed to use them safely and effectively.

These aspects are the psychedelic itself, and the environment the psychedelic is taken in.

The Psychedelic

  • Careful Dosing
    • Psychedelics of any nature can be dangerous if quantities you can’t handle are taken.
    • The effects can be physical where your body suffers in some way, which can lead to lasting damage especially of the brain which is very sensitive.
    • Or the effects can be mental where you suffer whats known as a bad trip.
    • If you trip badly you can emotionally suffer for hours, feeling intense anguish, grief or fear.
    • You can see things which unnerve and scare you.
    • The worlds moving and things don’t make sense and your conscious perception of the world around you is very different.
    • So things that normally don’t phase you, can seem terrifying while under psychedelics influence.
    • The best approach especially for your first time using a new psychedelic is to do whats called a sensitivity test.
    • Where you start by taking a small amount and then gradually amping up the dose until you feel your desired effects.
    • It’s smart because your body may be more sensitive to a compound then you realize and if you start off to strong you can accidentally cause yourself to suffer needlessly.
  • Trustworthy Source
    • You’ve got to make sure your source is safe.
    • Testing kits like this can be used to assess the purity of different compounds (LSD in this example) and it’s a good idea to test whatever psychedelic you get. Especially if it’s your first time buying from that source.
  • Drug Interactions
    • Psychedelics work by affecting the various systems of your brain in a variety of ways.
    • For people who already take drugs, nootropics or pharmaceuticals that affect the brain the potential for harmful interactions between these compounds is relatively high.
    • It’s not a heavily researched field but the anecdotal evidence suggests it’s a good idea to thoroughly research their chemical interactions before mixing psychedelics with other stuff and if it’s a prescription that you need to take for health reasons be sure to do your research.
    • Erowid is a good source for researching peoples experiences mixing different compounds together.

The Environment

  • Comfortable Setting
    • You don’t have to be in a big fluffy room to trip, although it can be cool.
    • The idea is to be in a setting where you feel safe, and at ease and where you control any sort of likely external events like the people around you.
    • When you’re tripping especially if you’re new unfamiliar things can seem weird and scary and since no one likes to be freaked out when they’re high it’s better to avoid the risk entirely.
    • So pick a house or a friends place, lock the doors, you can even have someone not high to watch over you.
    • Having someone sober around (a trip sitter) can dampen the experience as they can’t relate to what you’re experiencing. But if you’re new it may be worthwhile until you get accustomed to psychedelics. You can trip outside to, taking psilocybin mushrooms in the woods can be a ride. But you can’t control environmental factors very well and if wild animals or other people you don’t know start popping up it can really freak you out.
  • Physical Health
    • This seems obvious but if you’re ill, or unhealthy for whatever reason take the time to recover before you begin experimenting with psychedelics.
    • There will be another day to trip even though you’re probably excited whereas if you act too hastily you can cause your body or mind lasting irreversible damage.
    • Further if you have some sort of mental disorder like DID (dissociative identity disorder) taking psychedelics can induce psychosis.
    • Again the evidence is mostly anecdotal and if you’re determined this advice won’t stop you but be careful.


Reality is a crutch for people who can’t cope with drugs. – Lily Tomlin



Or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide is widely known as the archetypal psychedelic as well as for its role in the counter culture movement of the 60’s.

Its cognitive effects include altered thinking processes, closed and open eye visuals, synesthesia, an altered sense of time, and spiritual experiences.

LSD’s addiction risk is minimal but it can lead to anxiety, paranoia or delusions.

The experience of using LSD can be effected by the users mood and surroundings.

If the user is in a good mood or pleasant things are around them the experience can be transcendent, awe inducing, joyful and very peaceful.

If the users in a bad mood or unpleasant things are around them the experience can be very frightening and filled with upsetting hallucinations.

LSD is a white odourless, tasteless powder.

It can be mixed with liquids or taken orally as a powder but usually it’s absorbed by highly absorbent blotting paper (known as a blotter) and taken by letting the paper dissolve naturally in the mouth over about a half hour.

A tab of acid or one small piece of blotting paper (part of a “strip” of 5 tabs) contains about 100ug of LSD.

A ug is a microgram and is a millionth of a gram.

A dose can range from a part of a tab to a strip or more at a time, it depends what they’re looking for.

So active doses are very small and even minute amounts are extremely potent.

Acid is usually taken in two ways either at a “trip” dose where the intention is to sort of lay around or do simple activities and enjoy the way acid makes you perceive the world, conversations, food, music and anything else sensual.

It’s rare that anything typically considered productive is done on acid. But while you may not be doing your taxes, art and creative pursuits can be incredibly satisfying. As well time seems to pass incredibly quickly.

If you can stay focused the altered state of consciousness allows you to analyze your life from a completely different perspective and it’s easy to have some truly startling insights into aspects of your life that you’ve never really thought about.

It’s fairly common for experienced users to mix LSD with other compounds ecstasy (MDMA) being a popular choice (the combination is known as “candy flipping“).

The results can be very fun, and surprising but since LSD makes you very sensitive to sensual stimuli, if you’re out partying or socializing it’s easy for a good night to turn really weird fast.

The other way of taking acid is to microdose it.

People who are in creative fields, or very social jobs find that if you take a very small dose of acid, usually between 10-12 ug or 1/10th of a blotter they can be much more productive that day.

How Many of These People Are High?
How many of these people are high?

It helps their thoughts to flow more fluidly, to increase their artistic output and to feel more at ease socially.

As with a trip dose anything negative will effect the user more strongly. So if you’re likely to get yelled at by your boss it may not be a good idea to boost your sensitivity to stimuli by taking even a little bit of acid.


Psilocybin Mushrooms

Or magic mushrooms as they’re usually called are any mushroom that contains the active compound psilocybin and they affect the body in ways very similar to LSD.

Objectively the chemical processes are very similar between the two, but subjectively people usually report feeling much less social and much more introspective on mushrooms.

Here it’s broken down as LSD being a sort of logical, analytical high whereas mushrooms is more of a holistic, system level introspective high.

Sort of like thinking about your life in detail vs your life as it relates to the overarching universe.

As well LSD hallucinations are usually geometric patterns and weird colour combinations whereas mushrooms give you a more visceral but slower building set of hallucinations.

There are different strains of mushrooms which carry the compound psilocybin but the most commonly used one is Cubensis.

For a Cubensis strain the average person would need about 1.5-2g for a mildly strong trip which is more than enough for a first time user as the novelty of the trip will count for more than any extra dosage.



Or N,N-Dimethyltryptamine is a psychedelic compound which is found naturally in plants but can also be synthesized as a powder in labs.

It’s also a naturally occurring compound in the human body which is thought to be the cause of our dreams.

But to be used as a psychedelic excess amounts beyond what the body produces naturally must be introduced into the system.

As a psychedelic its effects are very similar to LSD and mushrooms but it has some odd differences.

First it’s significantly more powerful.

Not in the dosage sense but in the depth of effect sense.

If you took way too much acid you’d feel the same basic effects as a more moderate dose just amplified beyond whats enjoyable.

With DMT any sort of active dose is incredibly powerful even if you take the bare minimum.

There’s also been historically constant reports of little elf like creatures (called “Machine Elves“) invading the trip and doing weird things.

Whats weird is that they’re ubiquitous and show up in all different sorts of cultures and from different methods of DMT use.

In all cases they’re these weird little anthropomorphic ball things that sort of resemble elves or Smurfs or any other sort of tiny almost human life form.

DMT can be taken in a few distinct ways.

As an extract you can smoke DMT or consume it orally.

If you consume it orally with an MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitor) it lasts for about 3 hours and has effects similar to mushrooms at a dose of about 100mg of pure DMT extract.

If you smoke a bowl of it, the smoke becomes incredibly concentrated and hits almost immediately.

The body becomes temporarily paralyzed as though you’re stuck in a deep sleep and vivid mind consuming hallucinations occur for about 5 minutes.

The dose is about a small bowl but it’s unlikely you’d be able to overdose using a typical bong setup.

Theres also an Amazonian Amerindian ritual that involves brewing a tea out of the ayahuasca plant and tripping for nearly a full day.

Its become sort of a cultural quasi spiritual trend to have “found” yourself through an ayahuasca tea ritual performed by a backyard shaman.

But that only testifies to the power the trips influence on those who experience them.

Heres Jennifer Aniston on an ayahuasca trip in the movie Wanderlust, note that the producers have clearly never taken psychedelics.

It’s thought that the alkaloids in the ayahuasca plant interact with the DMT to give a modified version of the pure DMT experience.

As well the plant matter induces vomit in nearly 100% of users and lots of people poop themselves to.

So it’s messier than most psychedelics but the sacrifice necessary to trip means only those truly determined to prosper from it have the experience. Overwhelming anecdotal evidence suggests they do.



Mescaline is found in the Peyote, San Pedro and Peruvian Torch cactuses.

Like DMT, psilocybin and LSD users report altered thinking processes, closed and open eye visuals, synesthesia, an altered sense of time, and spiritual experiences when on it.

Mescaline is rarely extracted as it’s most potent when eaten as part of the cactus.

It can be extracted and pure powder can be used, it just doesn’t happen often.

Either way it’s ingested orally usually as part of a ritual.

Historically the Navajo Indians used it in a variety of spiritual rituals.

In the West it’s another tool used for self discovery.

Peyote is the most commonly consumed of the cactuses as the 50 or so phenethylamine alkaloids within the cactus give it a unique psychedelic effect.

It gives the world a sort of 3-D geometry look sort of like a Cubist painting as well as the normal psychedelic effects.

During a peyote ritual a group sits inside a tent staring into a large fire.

Participants chew up to 30 buttons (cactus buttons are the orb like part that grows above ground) and trip collectively for 12-24 hours.

They enter into a trance-like state accompanied by chanting and a pulsing drumbeat.

The low light and the repetitive, evocative music help potentiate the spiritual experience and people often report enlightening events and spiritual realizations occurring because of the ritual.


“You can’t lie to your soul.” -Irvine Welsh


Depending on the type, dosing and user different experiences can be had on psychedelics.

These are some of the commonly reported experiences people have;

The Ordinary

  • Aesthetics
    • It’s very common for people under the influence of any variety of psychedelic to experience visual phenomena.
    • Things like changes in spatial perception, colours seem richer and deeper and even the colour schemes of the world around can change, the walls can seem like they’re pulsing or even breathing along with the user, objects can appear and disappear.
    • If music is played synesthesia usually develops, where the world, the colours, the walls everything really sort of move along to the music.


  • Psychodynamic Phenomena
    • People under psychedelics often vividly relive memories and past experiences.
    • While this can occasionally lead people to relive negative, or unpleasant experiences it’s generally beneficial to the user as they get the opportunity to come to terms with their past and to move on from the event and forgive those involved.
  • Psychotic Phenomena
    • Don’t allow the label to scare you.
    • Psychotic phenomena are simply cognitive events that hinder you’re ability to operate in everyday society.
    • Things like social anxiety, bizarre behaviour, loss of touch with reality.
    • Unlike people who are clinically psychotic however these phenomena are almost always minor in their effects and a little social trouble is sort of to be expected when the walls are melting.

The Mystical

  • Feeling of Unity
    • Between the practitioner and their true or inner self or between the practitioner and the external world characterized as a feeling of connectedness.
  • The Feeling of Truly Understanding Reality
    • In the psychedelic state usually under LSD insights into the true nature of reality are common.
  • Transcending Space and Time
    • One feels as though they’re they are viewing past, present and future simultaneously.
    • That they have escaped the bounds of time and exist in a timeless state floating through eternity.
  • A Sense of Sacredness
    • One feels they are in touch with the philosophical, spiritual and religious concepts often described.
    • It’s as though they feel the true value of their lives for the first time and how important all life is in the grand scheme of things.
    • It’s no surprise people often become very hesitant of taking life needlessly after extensive use of psychedelics.
  • Deeply Felt Joy, Love and Optimism
    • With the above described feelings of connectedness and of importance, people generally feel very optimistic and positive as they feel truly valued and confident in their place in the universe.
    • Further as they realize how truly wondrous all life is, they can’t help but “love their neighbours”.
  • Paradoxicality
    • Aristotelian logic tells us the universe operates in a certain manner.
    • However people on psychedelics often describe the universe as operating beyond logic.
    • Theres a loose physics theory (sort of explained here) that we’re all waves of energy moving at such a speed as to resemble matter.
    • People on acid often report witnessing this sort of reality first hand, which runs contrary to the logic we’re all used to which is that things are as they appear to be.
  • Ineffability
    • People feel as though their experiences can’t adequately be described by the available words and symbols we commonly use.
    • That they’re experiences made sense while they were happening and everything seemed to have it’s own logic at the time, but once people come down and stop feeling the effects the logic of what they witnessed often disappears along with the means of describing it.
  • Transiency
    • Life usually feels pretty permanent.
    • The rules of the universe seem consistent even if we don’t fully understand them.
    • But on psychedelics it feels as though everything can change in a moment.
    • The colours, the insights, the warping changing world all contribute to this feeling that gravity could suddenly disappear, or that we could suddenly wake up and realize our whole existence up until this point has been some bizarre dream of a different life form.
    • It feels as though everything is temporary or possibly even an illusion.
  • Changes in Behaviour
    • Overwhelmingly after psychedelic use people have lasting positive changes in attitudes towards themselves, others and life in general.
    • While some people do have traumatic experiences and end up psychologically damaged if psychedelics are treated with respect and caution then lasting positive improvements can reliably be made to ones perception of reality and of their place in it.


Psychedelic Substances and YOU


Psychedelics can have a myriad of positive effects on the lives of their users.

They can reliably produce eye opening, incredible experiences and they can also be a lot of fun as well.

Generally psychedelics can help in these ways;


How to Get Them


There are a few ways to get psychedelics.

Your options are to;

  • Try to find a local dealer.
    • Which can be challenging, incredibly risky, expensive and usually nearly impossible.
    • Most local dealers don’t carry much beyond cannabis and maybe a little cocaine.
  • Find legal substitutes.
    • Instead of LSD take salvia for instance.
    • Except salvia is a poor substitute, as it has a much higher risk of an unpleasant trip and harm to the body, and it’s an unnecessary compromise.
  • Go abroad.
    • Travel to Peru for Peyote rituals or Yucatan, Mexico to experiment with Ayahuasca.
    • If you want the full fledged ritual experience travelling abroad or finding a local shaman (very easy in LA) to perform the ritual is a must.
    • However it can be expensive to travel that far, especially as insurance is a must and if you lead a career driven or generally just busy life going away for a few weeks to the desert or jungle to experiment with organic psychedelic rituals can be challenging.
    • Which leads to the final option.
  • Order your psychedelic of choice online. That articles a bit outdated (The Black Market is down for instance) but it has the gist right.
    • Using a Tor internet browser, which anonymizes your IP address and essentially makes you untraceable on the internet, you gain access to millions of additional websites.
    • If the web address for these sites were put into your normal browser now they would lead nowhere, they only work on a Tor browser.
    • Once you have the Tor browser up and running you can access a bunch of new sites, some of which are online marketplaces.
    • These marketplaces operate similar to Amazon in that customers leave ratings and reviews of vendors so potential customers can assess the legitimacy of the vendor and the product.
    • The one hiccup is they only sell merchandise for bitcoins.
    • Bitcoins are a cryptocurrency, that is they’re packages of data people mine digitally using their computers processing power.
    • A certain amount of this data is equal to one bitcoin and that has an associated monetary value (428.86 US as of 02/03/16).
    • If you use a bitcoin exchange you can exchange your paper currency in your online bank account for this cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate plus exchange fees.
    • Once you have your bitcoins you can buy products from trusted vendors on one of the hidden online marketplaces and have it delivered to your front door.
    • The risks to you are non existent as your identity online is anonymous, the currency cannot be traced back to you realistically. And legally unless they can prove you’ve ordered it you can’t be charged for illegal merchandise being shipped to your place of residence.
    • As for customs vendors cleverly disguise the psychedelics in a variety different ways which makes them untraceable and as they appear to be legitimate packages they’re shipped right to your place.
    • Further even if they are seized which is unlikely. It can’t be proven that you ordered them, so they’re simply destroyed by customs and if you explain what happened to the vendors they’ll usually send you another package free of charge because they want to maintain high ratings so people trust them and will order from them.
    • In summary;
      • Install a Tor browser
      • Aquire some bitcoins from a bitcoin exchange
      • Find a hidden marketplace’s web address
      • Access the marketplace using your Tor browser
      • Buy your psychedelic of choice from a trustworthy vendor
      • Wait however long for it to show up (could be a few weeks, they’re often from Europe)
      • Once they arrive, trip responsibly


“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” -Aristotle


Psychedelics are simply another tool in the arsenal of the individual who wants to lead a conscious, self improvement driven life towards the ultimate goal of enjoying the process of making the world a better place.

It’s an ambitious and I think ubiquitous goal that’s incredibly attainable.

If you stay focused on whats important to you you’ll naturally tend towards making the decisions which bring you closer to that reality.

If you focus on fitness (and not superficial aesthetics) you’ll ultimately find yourself going to the gym and getting fit.

It’s really pretty simple.

What psychedelics help you do is open the box. To discover what you value, believe and truly desire free of external influence.

They let you unpack the components of your life, and your beliefs about the universe and analyze or understand them better which ultimately leads you to living a more conscious life.

And while some people do have negative experiences on them it’s usually because they’re using them as a crutch or as a means of escaping something negative in their life.

If you think dropping a hit of acid will help you get over your spouse leaving you because you cheated on them, you’re wrong.

All it’ll do is force you to analyze the components of that experience.


Deal with your problems or negative attitudes appropriately and when you can approach psychedelics cautiously and from a learning perspective you’ll find nothing bad will happen to you because the chemical risks of psychedelics are virtually non existent.

Instead you’ll find the freedom and ability to analyze and overhaul your life in a holistic and completely internal way. Or to just enjoy yourself and experience something novel and fun.

Either way you’ll probably find your life is changed for the better.

Be safe, and enjoy your trip.

From a fellow organism,


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