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My Story

Hi there, my names Andrew James Walls. I’m a Canadian entrepreneur, writer, and designer. This website is where I share my life’s work including startups, projects, learnings, and failures. Sort of like a public journal where I help others by making sense of my own world.

I run a blog, newsletter, podcast, and store all centered on leadership, entrepreneurship, design and everyday life. I meditate, run marathons, rock climb, scuba dive, pick funny projects to pursue and teach others from what I learn.

I’m attending the Ontario College of Art and Design for Strategic Foresight and Innovation. It’s a Masters of Design focused on merging strategy and design using design thinking, business modeling and entrepreneurial methodologies. I graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelors of Commerce, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Strategy. I’ve run several ventures since starting University – Grasping Triumph, Supplify Nootropics, Landing Attempts, GearNomadic, PlantBox and Boardroom Labs. They’re primarily web and ecommerce companies selling travel gear, automated home plant equipment, and travel gear.

I love reading and read mostly old classics like Don Quixote, In Search of Lost Time, Brothers Karamazov and non-fiction books like Lean Startup, Business Model Generation, and Disciplined Entrepreneurship. Some of the projects I’m working on now are a design themed card game to help teach Design Thinking, an information dashboard for startups to track their search process as they seek problem-solution fit, and creating a definitive list of the Top 50 Entrepreneurship books by reading, summarizing and sharing them.

Get in touch, or connect with me on social media if you want to collaborate on something and please enjoy what have to offer and let it inspire you to share your own stories with the world.

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