Hi, my name's Andrew.

I’m an award-winning designer, strategist, futurist, and social entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada. I’ve founded four startups, published several papers, and my writing has been read by 500,000+ people.

This website is an ongoing journal of my life’s work. I draw on systems thinking, foresight, strategy, and leadership to inspire and teach the discipline of creating products, companies, and movements that shape the world. I have an MDes and B.comm and love competing in triathlons, reading old books, and exploring new places.

My Principles
Empower everyone to co-create lasting, meaningful change through co-ownership, agency, and engaging unrepresented communities in self-determining their future.

Help everyone lead, since no one has a formal right to create the future. Influence global change by creating value and growing leaders, not authority or prominence.

Adhere to reality, imagine impossibility. Suspend ordinary life’s rules and imagine and explore infinite possible worlds in a safe, shared temporary reality.

Share failures, successes, and practices widely. Empower individuals across the globe to innovate. Tell stories. Help everyone thrive in the face of change. No closed doors.

Innovate tirelessly past simple, profitable problems to reinvent ourselves, systems, and futures. Evolve fast. Be bold. Flip orthodoxies and take constant, clumsy steps towards better.

Embrace emergence and ambiguity. Avoid unintended, harmful second-order consequences. Create shared, net value for people and planet—elegant systems to address complex problems.

Self-management, collective governance, and human-centered, conscious practices on a bedrock of trust in others and oneself. Exceptional organization makes ordinary people extraordinary.

Push the boundaries of knowledge. Codify and share new practices while drawing on tested wisdom. Lead thought and change. Use our tools on ourselves. Innovate innovation.