Hi there, my names Andrew James Walls.

I’m a design graduate student, entrepreneur, and writer. I love playing with whiteboards and drawing doodles to explain big concepts. If you want to learn more about me specifically and not about this site – my bio is found here.

If not – I’ll continue. This website has six components to it:

Lead Boldly – An experience-based blog covering leadership, design, life skills, learning and more through written content. It’s found at this site, on Medium, and on Quora. I’ve written for The Mission, The Startup, and Thrive Global – a few of Medium’s top publications, and been recognized as a Top Writer on Quora.

Lead Boldly Podcast – The podcast you’ve always wanted. Leadership, innovation, startup culture, organization management. All drawn from experience and guest visits. Give it a listen if you’re interested in hearing what’s behind my writing.

10 Story – A new kind of newsletter combining content from around the web along with my own, to tell deep immersive, curated stories on a variety of subjects and domains. It’s the kind of newsletter I always wish I was opening on Monday mornings to read throughout the week.

The Startup Store – Combining business tools, resources, books, downloads into one curated store. This is where entrepreneurs go to find and understand the resources they need to make their business thrive.

Boardroom Labs – A consulting, workshop, and speaking team I’ve co-founded educating youth, and professionals on design thinking, strategy, business modeling, and entrepreneurship. We’re currently designing a card game for creatives to practice designing solutions to unique user problems.

Support – A page organizing the various ways readers can support my work. My business model for this website is mostly related to my own growth, and passion for teaching. For that reason, I generally reinvest any income on improving my reach and quality of content.

If you like what I’m producing I ask that you offer some form of optional support to help with hosting costs, content costs, and so on. A link to my Patreon page is here or you can buy me A Cup Of Coffee.


This blog has 5 categories, each of which has several topics covered by them.

Leadership: Management, Communication, Psychology

Startups: Business Modelling, Science, Innovation, Trends, Technology

Design: Design Thinking, Creativity, Hacking, Creativity, Writing, Development

Life: Habits, Routines, Personal Development, Spirituality, Productivity

Reading List: Recommendations and overviews of the books I’ve read.


The big picture I’m working towards with my content is creating a course on starting a new venture incorporating all the models, wisdom, tools and more that I’ve encountered through my years of experience.

The articles I write are gradually filling out this backend framework which will eventually culminate in a sort of “master course” combining all this knowledge into one guided education experience.

Stay tuned, or subscribe for updates on that as it unfolds.


The Top Posts on my blog are:

  1. Building For Scale
  2. 10 Daily Habits of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs
  3. What Failing at 4+ Different Projects Has Taught Me About Myself
  4. An Entrepreneur Learns To Write Poetry
  5. Using Mental Models to Understand the World
  6. Meditation and the Science of Stillness
  7. Failing Through a Nootropics Company
  8. Marathon Running and Personal Growth
  9. Personal Philosophy and Your Values
  10. Stop Using Jargon to Communicate

I’ll continue updating this list as new articles are released.

If you’d like to get in touch with me you can do so here. I’m often traveling and will respond to your message as soon as I can.

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I’ve enjoyed meticulously creating all the various components of it. I love what I do and I hope that passion shines through in all the work I’ve created.

Writing for you,

Andrew James Walls

P.S. The menu below can take you to the various areas of my site. To begin reading my latest blog posts click “blog“.