Partner with an experienced innovator, strategist, and futurist to boldly confront your future—one insight, idea, or transformative vision at a time.

Core Skills

  • Design Research
  • Concept & Service Design
  • Business & Product Management
  • Foresight & Innovation Strategy
  • Workshopping & Facilitation
  • Writing & Storytelling
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In an uncertain, volatile, and complex world, innovation is crucial to stay ahead of change and create stakeholder value. You need a highly capable partner to hit the ground running and help you get it right. Here’s how I’ll help.

01. Coach & Activate

Educate and inspire in-house talent, leaders, and stakeholders to amplify engagement in innovation, impact, and evolution.

  • Bootcamps & keynotes
  • Co-creation workshops
  • Training & upskilling programs
  • Mentoring & coaching

02. Vision & Strategy

Envision bold, ambitious futures for your business, grounded in socio-cultural, political, and technological change and tomorrow’s ecosystems, with a concrete plan to get there.

  • Horizon scanning
  • Speculative futures
  • Scenario planning
  • Vision-setting & road-mappin

03. Design & Innovation

Uncover deep human insights and systemic contexts to drive purposeful and impactful new businesses that build on today to get ahead of tomorrow.

  • Design sprints & ethnography
  • Opportunity portfolios
  • Concept validation
  • Venture design & spin-off

04. Reinvent & Disrupt

Connect today’s reality with tomorrow’s possibilities. Drive growth and transformation, in collaboration with your business, stakeholders, and communities, towards a bold, new future.

  • Industry reinvention
  • Future-leading re-organization
  • Systemic & disruptive design
  • Ecosystem activation


What might a partnership look like on the ground? Here are two sample engagements, which offer a taste of what we can achieve together.

01. Venture Design

Objective: Identify, validate, and pilot a portfolio of new growth opportunities.

Our Process:

  • 30-minute guidance session. Sketch out project scope, timeline, and budget.
  • Proposal share-back. Sign and initiate.
  • Internal and external trends scan. Identify opportunity areas.
  • Customer and expert interviews.
  • Synthesize insights and host ideation workshops.
  • Build concept portfolio and mockups.
  • Concept testing and iteration.
  • Market research and potential partnership scouting.
  • Develop business and financial models.
  • Map technical requirements and implementation roadmap.
  • Develop and launch pilots.

    02. Innovation Strategy

    Objective: Build a future-ready vision, focus areas, and organizational capacity.

    Our Process:

    • 30-minute guidance session. Sketch out project scope, timeline, and budget.
    • Proposal share-back. Sign and initiate.
    • Scan for signals of change. Synthesize trends.
    • Design future scenarios articulating possible risks and opportunities.
    • Ecosystem field trip. Consolidate insights.
    • Visioning workshop. Design focus areas. Map initiatives. Backcast to a 5+ year roadmap.
    • Design innovation architecture. Hire talent.
    • Leadership innovation and change coaching. Host organizational upskilling workshops. Roll-out artifacts and other materials with the new vision, such as mock future annual reports.
    • Gauge progress towards vision and focus areas over time. Test and refine.

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