How to Make the Future



How To Make The Future is a 35 page eBook I wrote combining all the work I did writing for an old personal development blog Grasping Triumph. I got a good response from what I wrote but without any knowledge of how to grow a platform it stagnated for a while and I moved on.

If you’re interested in exercises, explanations and discussions of the various facets of why ‘exceptional’ people are the same as you and why those who achieve incredible things just have better methods rather than some genetic advantage (within reason obviously).

It’s offered for free here because it’s not an active part of the Landing Attempts platform. It’s just something that I thought was worth sharing, that could really help people get going on those projects they’ve had kicking around in their minds and find some motivation.

If you do decide to give it a read, which I obviously biasly recommend. Please give me some feedback in the comment form. Good or bad the creative process is dependent on honest feedback and thoughtful observations.

Again if you’re curious about the whole story here click here otherwise I hope you enjoy the read and finally give that dream project you’ve had a shot.



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