The Startup Store has three categories of products.

Books: Free downloads I’ve created or sourced including eBooks, entrepreneurial/design tools and links to Amazon for my Startup Reading List which are the top books every entrepreneur or designer should read.

Tools: Productivity and design software like WordPress, and the resources I’ve used to create the andrewjwalls¬†website. As well as links to Amazon for tools like Business Model Canvas’s, whiteboards and more that I use in my daily life.

Apparel: Fulfilled by RedBubble, this category contains hoodies, t-shirts, journals, art prints and more. Shop by picking a design you like and clicking the “see on RedBubble link” to visit the product page and see prices, shipping rates and more.

The Startup Store is designed to not require for you to pay for anything on site. All merchandise, books and so on are fulfilled and paid for on third party, trusted websites you’ve likely used before. If you have any questions contact me.